IntentsCity camping offers something for everyone. From a tent plot where you can pitch your own tent to a Flexotel where you can enjoy every luxury in the sociable atmosphere of the campsite.

Friends campsite (Friendship District)

Do you want to share an unforgettable camping experience with your friends at an exclusive campsite? Pick the Friends campsite plot, a.k.a. your own IntentsCity District.

This plot is reserved especially for you and your friends, so you have an exclusive space at the campsite. You can have extra luxury in your District by upgrading to have your own toilet and party tent!

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For the best festival experience, you can choose to stay overnight in a Festipi. Not interested in dragging your own tent and overnight stuff with you? No problem! The Festipi is ready and waiting for you. You can choose a Festipi that is fully equipped or bring your own bedding. The Festipi stands 2.5 metres wide and 2.7 meters high, making it the perfect size for 2.

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For those who want real luxury at the IntentsCity campsite - it is possible to book your own unique hotel experience: Flexotels! Guests stay overnight in double rooms that are provided with all the creature comforts. The Flexotel Village is on the campsite, within walking distance of the festival.

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FestiTent rents ready-made camping tents and gear. Forget about the hassle at the car park, dragging your camping gear to the entrance, the fight with your tricky tent, Just bring your 'festival essentials' and enjoy the first moment of your festival happening!

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