Friends campsite (Friendship District)

Do you want to share an unforgettable camping experience with your friends at an exclusive campsite? Pick the Friends campsite plot, a.k.a. your own IntentsCity District.

This plot is reserved especially for you and your friends, so you have an exclusive space at the campsite. You can have extra luxury in your District by upgrading to have your own toilet and party tent!

The person who books becomes mayor of your District and is the contact point for the organisation. He or she will receive all info by email and/or by post. So make sure you provide the correct info when booking a District.

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Why book a Friendship District?

  •     Your own fenced-off plot at IntentsCity
  •     A large sign with your own District name
  •     A large tile that you can barbecue on
  •     Plenty of space for your tents

IntentsCity was awarded an 8.6 by visitors!

The friends plot with our own Dixie toilet was awesome! We'll definitely be back next year!
Great job
Great job, our stuff was also transferred to our Friends campsite plot for us!
It was perfect! The line up with the Partyraiser area was sick! Hope you do the same next year!!

Choose a district
How big is your IntentsCity friends group?

4 to 8 pers.

€ 585,95

  • +/- 50M2
  • Incl. 4 Weekend+Camping tickets
  • Private BBQ stone
  • Large District name plate

8 to 12 pers.

€ 1071,95

  • +/- 75M2
  • Incl. 8 Weekend+Camping tickets
  • Private BBQ stone
  • Large District name plate

12 to 16 pers.

€ 1562,95

  • +/- 100M2
  • Incl. 12 Weekend+Camping tickets
  • Private BBQ stone
  • Large District name plate

16 to 24 pers.

€ 2073,95

  • +/- 150M2
  • Incl. 16 Weekend+Camping tickets
  • Private BBQ stone
  • Large District name plate


Your District can be supplied with extra luxury, by upgrading with your own toilet and party tent for example! You can enjoy camping in luxury and have a brilliant weekend. You can add upgrades when booking your accommodation.

Bottle of champagne
Starting your Intents weekend in the best possible way? Order a bottle of chilled champagne.

€ 40,-
A six-pack of Bavaria
At the entrance you will get a voucher that you can use to collect a 6-pack of chilled Bavaria at the Bavaria stand in the campsite.

€ 5,75

Party Tent
Don't want to lug things around yourself? We'll put up the tent for you at your own Friends campsite plot. The tent becomes your own property, and you can take it home with you. The tent is +/- 3 by 3 metres. Does not include side walls.

€ 70,-
Your own Dixi toilet
Upgrade your Friends campsite plot with your own toilet (Dixi)! The price is 60 euros excluding deposit. This Dixi toilet comes with a number lock and code, so only you and your friends can use it.

€ 110,- (incl. deposit)

Intents Pie
Something to celebrate? Order a cream cake for 10 people with Intents Festival design and the name of the birthday on it! The cake will be delivered on Friday.

€ 35,-
Rent a 6 to 8 seater solid table for the entire weekend. The price excludes € 25,- deposit.

€ 35, - (plus deposit).