A CityYard is a private campsite fenced with poles and thick rope on IntentsCity for your group of friends. You can book a CityYard in 3 sizes: ’12 to 16′, ’16 to 24′ and ’24 to 36′ persons. This space is reserved especially for you and your friends so you can have an exclusive spot on the campground. Your spot is marked by the CityYard sign with your chosen name on it. It is not possible to order upgrades such as a private WC, table and party tent for a CityYard.

Why booking a CityYard?

  •     Your own fenced-off plot at IntentsCity
  •     A large sign with your own CityYard name
  •     Plenty of space for your tents

Choose a CityYard
How big is your IntentsCity friends group?

12 tot 16 pers.

€ 1482,95

  • +/- 100M2
  • CityYard name plate
  • Incl 12x Weekend+Camp tickets

16 tot 24 pers.

€ 1964,95

  • +/- 150M2
  • CityYard name plate
  • Incl 16x Weekend+Camp tickets

24 tot 36 pers.

€ 2544,95

  • +/- 225M2
  • CityYard name plate
  • Incl 20x Weekend+Camp tickets