The Festival campsite of Intents Festival

Your festival holiday starts at IntentsCity, the destination of 2023! Experience the ultimate weekend with your friends.

Whether you go for the old-skool festival camping experience in a tent or really go for luxury, there is something for everyone!

Sitting still? Didn’t think so with all the cool activities: Afterparty, Mega Beerpong, Stef Stuntpilot, Magical Ball Pit, hot tubs and much more!

IntentsCity: become a resident of our magical city!


IntentsCity is a lively campsite where you can turn your visit to Intents Festival into a mini holiday. With Brabant cosiness and many different things to do, you won’t be bored for a minute at the campsite.


IntentsCity camping offers something for everyone. From a camping pitch where you can pitch your own tent to an Urban Boutique where you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the campsite in all luxury.

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Did you know that the campsite is very close to the festival site, which means that you are in front of the stage in a few minutes’ walk from your tent. There is also a separate entrance on the festival site for camping guests.

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Urban Boutique