Spend the night in a Festipi at IntentsCity!

VIP tickets

Festipi 3 meter VIP


Regular tickets

Festipi 3 meter


Regular tickets

Festipi 2,5 meter


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Festipi 3 meter without tickets


Why a Festipi?

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For the best festival experience, you can choose to stay overnight in a Festipi. Not interested in dragging your own tent and overnight stuff with you? No problem! The Festipi is ready and waiting for you. The Festipi stands 2.5 or 3 metres wide and 2.7 meters high, making it the perfect size for 2.

Handy extras

BBQ Meat Package


Incl fee

Six-pack Bavaria beer


Incl fee



Incl fee

Campingparking ticket


Incl fee



Incl fee