8 reasons why a festival camping is awesome!

Ever camped before? That’s nothing compared to a festival campsite! Put aside your judgments about camping and we will tell you why it’s so much fun to camp at IntentsCity!

1. Free workout

Are you worried about all the calories you’ll be taking in? Oh, you’ve burned that one long ago! You have already covered a few meters before you arrive at IntentsCity. Lugging your suitcases and bags is a good workout!

2. Is it difficult to make friends? No way

One of the best things about a festival campsite: you can easily make new friends! Connect with the neighbors “Do you have a lighter?” or for the daredevils among us: “Do you happen to have a condom left in your package?” and whop you have contact with the neighbors. Yes, it’s that easy! But we’ll help you with some extra opening sentences:

  • Do you come here often?
  • Do I know you from the silent disco?
  • You have to choose: You can only eat porridge or you participate in… (an IntentsCity activity)
  • I think you are really good at… (an IntentsCity activity)
  • Which hardstyle or hardcore artist is your favorite?
  • Do you happen to know where…(artist) should play today?

3. On holiday in the Netherlands

Really need a holiday? Who don’t! A festival campsite feels like you’re on vacation. Nothing is necessary, everything is allowed! No parents telling you to go to bed on time or put on decent clothes. You. are. doing. what. you. want. In addition, you can spend every day with your favorite people: your mates. #slumberparty

4. I Can’t Get No Sleep

At a festival campsite you can continue as long as you want. When a day of Intents Festival is over, the partying isn’t over yet! At IntentsCity you can go to the INTENTS:AFTR that will go on after the festival day. Get your ass on the dancefloor and rave! And if you aren’t finished yet: grab your blanket and chill with your mates at your tent. You can party all night long!

5. Feeling the freedom

Freedom = happiness! When you go camping you’ll experience an enormous feeling of freedom. When you’ll get out of your (air) bed, you are immediately outside in nature. Your boxers still on, the first sunshine on your naked chest. You won’t have that at home. Chips or a beer for breakfast. Delicious!

6. Less extreme hangovers

Normally, after a heavy night, you wake up at home and feel very miserable. But that is different at a festival campsite. There is always someone who is more miserable than you! That’s a nice feeling. When you step out of your tent, you are immediately back into the fun. Your mates who woke up earlier than you (or didn’t go to sleep) are already waiting for you at the dinner table. And there is always someone who suggests getting sandwiches from the supermarket. Just when you really don’t feel like getting them yourself. Nice!

7. Festival in your backyard

How cool would it be if you just had a Festival in your backyard! amazeballs! At IntentsCity you can. You no longer have to drive those kilometers from your car, been there, done that. Within 10 minutes you are in the middle of the festival site. Would you like to freshen up in the middle of the day? No problem. And at the end of the day you can roll into your tent. Who wouldn’t want that?

8. IntentsCity activities

You won’t be bored at IntentsCity! A range of different challenging and fun activities are arranged for you. Want to know more? Then go to the activity page and make sure you don’t miss anything! Do you want to make sure that you experience the nicest activities? Then read the blog ‘You should definitely try these 9 activities on IntentsCity

See you in the magical city!