Which IntentsCity accommodation will suit me best?

What kind of person are you and what do you like? Do you like luxury or would you rather set up your own festival tent? Would you rather sleep in a tipi or in a cardboard box? Everything is possible! But which accommodation suits you best? Find out! 1. Intents Festival Tent Would you like […]

9 Activities you have to try at IntentsCity

festival camping activity tips

Your festival holiday starts at IntentsCity! The festival campsite is full of fun activities and entertainment, selected especially for you. You won’t get bored at the campsite. But, so many activities may give you some stress. Read on and we will tell you which activities you should not miss. INTENTS:AFTR Are you the ultimate warrior […]

7 Important things to bring to a festivalcampsite

festival camping essentials

Yesss we are going to a festivalcampsite! Really looking forward to it, but now comes the biggest challenge: What are you going to pack? We have listed 7 very important things for you that you should not forget to bring to a festival campsite! A blanket or a warm hoodie for when it cools off […]

8 reasons why a festival camping is awesome!

Festival camping

Ever camped before? That’s nothing compared to a festival campsite! Put aside your judgments about camping and we will tell you why it’s so much fun to camp at IntentsCity! 1. Free workout Are you worried about all the calories you’ll be taking in? Oh, you’ve burned that one long ago! You have already covered […]